December 2007

Yo, Anthony!!! Wassup with all those TDs thrown past you???? 

I love it when some loud-mouthed rookie gives a team all the motivation they need. A guaranteed win? Against the Patriots? Seriously?

I think not. What a dumbass. And to make it worse, Brady even chose Mr. Guarantee to throw against. That didn’t work out as you had planned, eh, Anthony? Just what was Gaffney doing all alone down field like that? Oh yeah, you were fooled out of your socks.  😆

Ups and downs of the week.

 Snow tires – They make all the difference.

  Bozo drivers – Need I say more? They seem to be everywhere this time of year.

 Celtics – Now 15-2. Amazing. (Late edit: make that 16-2)

  Patriots – They somehow found a way to win and stay undefeated.

  The Perfect Season Frenzy – Can we stop talking about it until/unless it happens, please?

I was over at Isringhausen Imports on Thursday for service on my X5. When I need to go to Isringhausen, I always plan in plenty of time to peruse the huge selection of eye candy they have sitting about. On Thursday they had this beauty sitting in their showroom. It’s a 2008 Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG.


Twin-turbo V-12 producing 600HP, all while cradling the driver in pure luxury. This thing even has an infrared camera so you can see beyond the limits of your headlights at night and another camera looking out the back so you don’t run over your dog.

Here’s the kicker, though. This kind of exclusivity will set you back a whopping $200,775. MB must stand for Mucho Bucks. I’d need a 30-year mortgage and even then I’d have to give up my house and sleep in the car. Gives you an idea just how much money the “other half” makes.

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