June 2012

Ups and Downs of the Week.

Red Sox – Crashing and burning now that they’re back at Fenway. I can’t understand why this team can’t win at home.

Home Again – Good to be back.

Celtics – Even though they lost Game 6 and allowed the Heat to tie the series, they’re doing better than I thought they would. Game 7 tomorrow in Miami.

One side note: 35 years ago today I got off a bus at Ft. Knox and started 13 weeks of basic and advanced training. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

This morning I walked over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is one of the more famous cathedrals in NYC. It’s in the middle of a three year restoration, of course, so it’s hard to get pics without scaffolding or other construction material in them. But I tried.

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

On the way back to meet Sarah for lunch, I stopped by the Rockefeller Center.

The Rock

The Rock

The Rock

Today I browsed through the B&H Superstore and bought a case for my monopod. B&H is photography paradise. I just walked around trying out cameras I’ll never be able to afford. Afterward I walked over to Central Park for my annual visit to the Ballfields Cafe to have a couple dogs and a Sangria.

On the way I passed the Time Warner Center again.

Time Warner Center

After lunch at the Ballfields Cafe I walked around getting taking some shots. It was a gorgeous day.

Central Park Chickadee

Study Time

The Ballfields


Perfect Weather

Moss in Tree

Today I went to the Time Warner Center mall to take some long exposure images. I got all the way up there, set up my camera and tripod out of the way in a corner, and then realized I had forgotten to bring the right lens and my cable release. As I was packing everything back up again, I was interrupted by a security guard telling me I couldn’t use a tripod in the mall. Turns out they are worried about unlicensed commercial use of images of the mall, which I can understand. They’re also worried about security issues posed by tripods, which I don’t fully understand. I realize tripods can be a hazard in a crowded area, but I was tucked well out of the way of any pedestrian traffic. Still, I suppose they just ban all tripods to eliminate the risk entirely. The media access office did kindly offer to let me come back with my tripod and try my shots again, but I was in no mood to haul my gear all the way back up there.

So no pics for today.

We’re back in the city for our annual Book Expo trek. This evening we’re meeting one of Sarah’s friends for dinner at Rosa Mexicano. Sarah browsed the Strand Bookstore while I hung out down the street at Union Square. Got a few interesting pics of typical New Yawkers.

Urban Triptych

Can you hear me now?

Snappy Dressers

Ubiquitous Earbuds

Union Square

At Rosa Mexicano they make guacamole table side. It was incredible.

Guac Chef

Ups and Downs of the Week.

 Red Sox – They’re finally beginning to win more than they lose. They’re still in last place, but the parity of suck in the AL East means they’re only 3 games back from 1st. We could see a nearly 5-way tie for the ALE lead.

Celtics – Won tonight to at least ensure the Heat won’t sweep them.


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