One week ago I posted about summer being right around the corner. We still have snow on the ground in places, yet tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s with temps in the 70s slated for Tuesday. What a difference a week makes. I just hope Spring lasts a few months. It’s too early for air conditioning.

On another note, my beloved 2001 BMW 740iL will be going away this week. Not since I owned a 1977 BMW 633CSi have I enjoyed/hated owning a car so much. The 740 is my third BMW. My first, the 633, was incredible to drive when it ran well, but it was a frustrating beast and spent nearly as much time in the shop as it did on the road. The 740 has been pure joy to drive, but lately the 147,000 miles on the odometer have really been taking a toll. When I lose faith in a car, it’s time to find a new(er) one. So this week I’ll be trading it in on a 2003 BMW X5. My second BMW, a 2001 530i, never gave me a single problem. I’m hoping the even numbered cars, like the even numbered Star Trek movies, turn out to be the classics.