Although it wasn’t the best day for it, we decided to drive out to Monticello and walk around Allerton Park. With 1500 acres and 14 miles of trails, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon. We weren’t prepared for major hiking today, but we still had a pretty good walk. Two words of advice for anyone planning on walking around out there this time of year – insect repellent. We walked down by the river and I got attacked by some bloodthirsty mosquitos. While they were deciding whether to suck me dry right there or bring me back to the nest, we made our escape back to the car. Still, one made it into the car and valiantly tried to continue feeding before I squashed him like…well, like a bug.

Here’s a few pics of Allerton House and the surrounding area.

Allerton House Another view. Courtyard Goldfish pond River Garden Vines Statue

On the way back, we drove through Monticello and stopped for dinner at Montgomery’s on the Square. You can read about that over on Greasy Spoons.