I bought Sarah a Nokia 770 this week. For around $140 on Amazon, it was a no-brainer. It works like a PDA, but it’s Linux based and has only basic functions such as web, email, contacts, and calendar. It connects to the web either via WiFi or a Bluetooth phone connection. Unlike other PDAs I’ve used, connecting to wireless or a phone with the 770 is quite simple and the interface enables you to choose between multiple connection options. The screen is bright and roomy and you can view webpages full screen or zoomed in. It’s a little bigger than your average PDA, but it’s quite light and will fit in a purse or inside jacket pocket. It charges up very fast, too. Quite the gadget. 😎

Nokia 770

EDIT: BTW, I first noticed these cool little toys after seeing a deal on Reseller Rating’s Homepage Deals. Great site to check every now and then.