Today we stopped by the 2007 Showcase of Homes at the new Lake Falls development at the corner of First and Airport in Savoy. These are some really gorgeous homes. Of course they’re all furnished by professional interior designers and they all have state of the art entertainment systems and very high end kitchens. Several of them had movie theatres with 20′ wide screens, projectors hanging from the ceiling, and superb surround sound systems. These homes are all in the $600k range, which isn’t too bad considering what they’d run in other parts of the country. Any of these homes would run over $1mil if they were in New England. The landscaping around some of these homes was way cool, too. One home had a long series of waterfalls with a deep pool on one end. I can’t see ever owning one of these castles even if we could afford one, though. We wouldn’t know what to do with so many rooms. As it is we spend most of our time in just three rooms in our home (bedroom, kitchen, living room). I guess we could charge admission and show movies.   😉