A couple of weeks ago I was depressed about the Yankmees closing to within 4 games of the Red Sox and I pontificated/prognosticated about the inevitability of the Yankmees sweeping the Sox during their upcoming series this week and assuming first place in the AL East. Well, I was thankfully very wrong. The Red Sox brutalized those other Sox this weekend and the Bronx Bozos are collapsing before my smiling eyes. And so the Bosox will go into the series with an 8 game lead. Even if the Pimp Stripers do sweep (which is looking doubtful now), the Sox will still have a 5 game lead.

And so here I sit munching away. Doesn’t taste too bad. Sort of like chicken. Pass the mayo. 😉

EDIT: So I wasn’t completely off base. The Yankmees did in fact sweep the Soxs.