Strange as it may seem, the team with the best record in Major League Baseball the entire season, including tonight, will probably not win its division. The Red Sox lost again tonight after a good game by Lester was blown by Eric Gag-me. I don’t know how much the Sox are paying this meatball, but it’s too much. And why he was left in the game after walking in the tying run is a question that has no good answer. It’s like the Red Sox just don’t want to win. No such problem with the Yankmees, who smell blood in the water. The way things are going, they’ll end up winning the division by several games. The Sox will probably stagger into the post-season with the wildcard, only to be eliminated in 5 games by the first team they meet. Sadly, this is typical Red Sox baseball. With each passing year it seems more and more likely that 2004 was a fluke.   🙁

Here’s the brutal picture. Which team looks like the contender?