Ups and downs of the week.

 Autumn – Nice to go several days without having to wash the bugs off the windshield.

 Dentists – Yesterday was my third visit for one aching tooth. And we still haven’t done anything about the tooth.

 Patriots – Yeah, yeah, they got nabbed cheating. But they still beat Indy.

  Bill Belichick – I know “he’s intense” and all that, but a little common courtesy would be nice.

  I-Pass – I don’t need it often, but it’s a real time saver when I do need it.

  Pheasants ( and birds in general) – I nailed two last week. One flew up from the side of the road and bounced off my windshield. No damage to the car. Can’t say the same for the bird.

 Trader Joe’s – Possibly the best food store ever. Wish we could get one here.