Ups and downs of the week.

  MLB.TV – $20/month to watch all the Red Sox games full screen? I’ll take it.

  I am a jinx.- Tuned in MLB.TV tonight to catch the Red Sox. No score in the 6th. Just as I get the viewer up and running, the Blue Jays take Wakefield deep. Wakefield then proceeds to collapse. All of the sudden, it’s 3-0 Toronto.

  J.D Drew – Ties it up with a really sweet 3-run homer. Let’s hope that will be a habit for him this year.

  It has begun. – My grass needs mowing. Time for a new lawn mower.

 Springtime at last – The weather this weekend is supposed to be beautiful. Sunny and 60’s or even 70’s. ‘Bout time.

  Red Sox mid-game bullpen – Shades of the worst part of last year. Wakefield dies early and dramtically,  Aarsdsma and Wavy Lopez come in and give up a walk each (don’t they pay these guys to throw strikes?), and then Manny Del Carwreck comes in to give up the big hit. Sox are now down by 2. Let’s hope the Sox aren’t done hitting yet. UPDATE: Game over. Sox couldn’t do anything else and actually gave up another run. Not a total loss, though, as the Yankmees are getting spanked by Tampa Bay.