Ups and downs of the week.

  Veterinarians – Tough job with lots of sad duties, but when they can heal an injured animal, it must make it all worthwhile. Big thanks to Dr. Christie Stone at Crestline Veterinary Clinic for a job well done on our Max.

  Red Sox Season thus far – Although to be fair, no one was going to beat Chien-Ming Wang tonight. He was virtually perfect. 

  J.D Drew – Still hitting every game.

  American Airlines and the FAA – Two incompetent entities team up to screw thousands of travelers. This summer is going to be tough on all travelers thanks to the outrageous price of gas and the pathetic air travel system. Amtrak, anyone? 

 Gift cards – Bought a new lawn mower this past weekend for $37 out of pocket.

  Government stupidity – I know, that’s redundant. I had hoped Massachusetts was smarter than Illinois, but I was wrong. They also passed a really dumb booster seat law requiring children to ride in booster seats until they turn 8 years old.  It’s virtually impossible to enforce if a child is older than 6. How are you supposed to prove your kid is older than 8? Carry his or her birth certificate around? And what if your kid is short and still is not 4′ 9″ at 8 years old? Instead of booster seats, why isn’t the gummint forcing auto makers to install adjustable seat belt anchors?