Justin Masterson, in his major league debut, pitched 6 stellar innings and left the game with a 3-1 lead. Enter the Sox’s pathetic bullpen. Wavy Lopez and Manny Del Carwreck faced four hitters, all of whom got on base and eventually scored. They even walked in a run, which is inexcusable. Del Car Wreck couldn’t throw a strike if his life depended on it. In comes Okajima, who gives up a couple of hits, one of which Coco Crisp completely muffed, and now the 3-1 lead is gone and it’s 5-3 Angels. Masterson should punch Lopez and Del Car Wreck in their useless noses.

UPDATE: So four major league veterans could not do what a kid just up from the minors could and they ruined what should have been a memorable win in his debut. Final score, 7-5, and it wasn’t even that close. If the bullpen doesn’t improve or get some talent, it’s going to be a tough season.