Ask a hundred people what their idea of a classic, ageless car design is and you’ll likely get a variety of unique answers, most of which would make perfect sense. The early Mustangs and Corvettes would certainly qualify, as would the ‘57 Chevy and T-Bird, the Jaguar XKE, and any of a dozen other great cars. But if you ask me, the greatest car design of all time is the BMW E24 6 Series. This car just has all the right stuff. It looks aggressive, yet sophisticated. It’s instantly recognizable and its appearance was changed very little from the start of its 14 year run in 1976 until the last model rolled off the line in 1989. Having owned a 633 CSi while stationed in Germany, I can attest to the incredible power and agility of this car. Its nickname was “Autobahn airplane” for good reason; driving it felt like flying a jet fighter. At its top speed of 149 MPH, this car was as stable as granite. It could stop on a dime and change directions without hesitation. And always it turned heads. But don’t take it from me. Judge for yourself. Is this a beautiful machine, or what? I just wish it were mine.

BMW 635