The site tracking gizmo I have running on this site keeps track of referring pages, and when that page is Google, it keeps track of the search terms used. Figuring out why certain search terms lead people to my little corner of the internet has become an amusing and interesting diversion. To wit:

the toolshed restaurant in illinois – Ok, I can see this one. In my “review” of Gunner Buc’s, I referred to the tool shed atmosphere there. Close enough. Maybe my lauding GB’s burgers will bring them some business.

historical importance of the measels – This one caught me by surprise, especially since my site turned up on the first Google page. But after some quick investigation, I found that I hadinadvertently misspelled measles and missed that faux pas on review of my post. As the person running the Google search also misspelled it, the match was easy. There just aren’t that many sites misspelling “measles” I guess.

champaign run bmw - Hmm, I’d love to know what this person was looking for with these terms. Even more interesting is that this person is from the UK. I’m tempted to believe he/she meant Champagne, although that still doesn’t make any more sense overall, unless he was thinking about running his BMW on bubbly. 🙂

The other aspect of this is how dependent we’ve become on search engines. How did we ever get along without them? And you’d think with all this knowledge available at the tap of a few keys, we’d all be geniuses by now. Not so much, eh?