Things are a little different this week. It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting here after a rough night just thankful that things are no worse and maybe a little better than they were 12 hours ago. My Dad had surgery yesterday to repair a heart valve. It was suppose to be a simple operation and all signs pointed to a successful outcome, but things didn’t quite go as planned. His heart valve was calcified and the surgeons couldn’t do as much as they had hoped. Plus they had trouble controlling the bleeding from his aorta. Last night they left his chest open to monitor the aorta for more bleeding and they told us he had a 50/50 chance. It made for a very rough night. This morning they told us the bleeding appears to have stopped. They are going to leave him sedated for another day just so he can recover further. It’s still touch and go, but it’s looking better than it did last night.

So there are ups and downs, but I’m thinking now the ups are winning. At least I’m hoping so.