Ups and Downs of the week.

 TGIF – First week back after a break is always tough.

Meh   Celtics – Serious slump. From a near perfect season to second place in a week. Yikes.

  Trader Joe’s Cranberry Stollen – Man, is this stuff good.

Cranberry Stollen

  Winter – Single digits and below coming next week. I am so ready for spring.

  Blago about to be impeached – Six months late, but better than never.’s shipping – Used to be the best in the business. now it’s just pathetic. Up to two weeks to get some items. I ordered a very small handheld CB radio on Dec. 31. It may arrive on Monday, nearly two weeks later. It shipped from Hazelwood, MO which is less than a hundred miles from here. I guess the Pony Express still lives, although even a horse could be here quicker. Used to be you’d get the item you bought in a few days, now it’s a few weeks. Amazon made their fortune off instant gratification and now they’re abandoning the very thing that made them famous and successful.

Update: My CB arrived today (Saturday), so 10 days after ordering. Not as bad, especially considering the 1st was a holiday. Still, from an hour-and-a-half away…