Ups and Downs of the week.

 Ann Arbor, MI – Great little town. Easy to walk around, lots of restaurants, and, as I found out, an outstanding and friendly BMW dealership. (Thanks, Shane.)

  Air France flight 447 – What a shame. Hope they find out what went wrong.

 Dad – Still in rehab, but doing fine.

Meh   Red Sox – They desperately need a shortstop. And, sad to say, a DH.

 Verizon 3G data network – Sarah was able to surf and do email almost all the way from home to Ann Arbor. The Asus EEE-PC is perfect for this sort of thing.

  Dumb speed limits – This is the highway from Detroit to London, Ontario. Wide open, brand new, three lane highway with a 100 KPH (63 MPH) speed limit. Talk about a boring ride.