Ups and Downs of the week.

 Red Sox – Pretty sure bet they’ll make the post-season. Close call with Lester getting drilled tonight, but it looks like he’ll be ok. Just hope no one else gets hurt between now and Game 1 of the first series.

  Sudden death – Saw my neighbor’s (Neighbor-A) dog get run over today. He was an old, old English Setter who was deaf as a post and had a bad habit of sleeping behind cars. I nearly ran him over with the Z4 once. I had to jack up the car to get him out from under it. My neighbor across the street (Neighbor-B) wasn’t so lucky tonight. He was very distraught about it. The dog’s owner was sad, but knew it would happen sooner or later. It’s a shame poor Neighbor-B has to deal with the memory of running the dog over, though. 

 Autumn – Love this time of year. Not as pretty here as in New England, but the weather is awesome and harvest will be starting soon.