Well, the Sox saw their season end today. This series with the Angels was typical of the way the Sox have been playing the second half of the season. They had no offense until today and then their bullpen gave away the win. Not the first time we’ve seen those two things cost them a series. It’s going to be a long off-season. I hope they patch up some holes in their roster and say a fond farewell to some veterans who just can’t produce like they used to.  And next season, let’s not talk about the depth of the pitching roster until we actually see it in action.

Still, thanks for a good year, Sox. I’ll be here next season and I’ll still…


Making things worse today was watching the Patriots lose to the inferior Denver Broncos. The Patsies had that game and gave it away. Plus it ended in the NFL’s idiotic overtime scenario where the game is essentially determined by a coin toss. Better luck next week, Pats.