Ups and Downs of the Week

Red Sox – They’re clearly thinking about the off-season and not playing their best. But the rookies they’re fielding are doing well. And Coco Crisp, now playing for the A’s, is just as incredible in center field as he was with the Red Sox. I wish they had him back.

Photoshop CS5 – At the risk of boring everyone, I thought I’d show what more can be done with Photoshop CS5. The first pic is Amelia Island Plantation in Florida. Just a normal pic on a partly cloudy day. The second is what you can do with a decent sky image like the one I used before, combined with Photoshop’s HDR Toning feature. Pretty dramatic difference.

Amelia Island Plantation - Before

Amelia Island Plantation - After

Formula One – It’s Monza weekend.