Iíve been a fan of BMWs since I first laid eyes on the original 6 series. My first BMW was a 1977 633CSi which I bought while stationed in Germany in 1983. It was incredibly fast and maddeningly fickle and prone to problems. The BMW dealer even admitted it was a lemon and always would be. Still, I loved it. I left it in Germany when I came back to the US in Ď89. I wouldnít own another BMW until I moved out here to central Illinois in 2002. I bought a 2001 530i in November 2003. It was a certified pre-owned (CPO) with 37k miles on it. 14 months later it had 90k miles and I traded it in on my current 2001 740iL. As much as I liked my 530i, it couldnít compare with the 740. This car is also prone to mechanical gremlins and the occasional bizarre problem, though. Just this past Friday, as we were coming home from the Indianapolis airport, the left front turn signal assembly parted ways with the car. I havenít got a clue how it worked its way loose, but itís gone now and thereís a big hole where it should be. No other damage at all. Strange. Iíve run across folks who either look down at me because I own a BMW (must be a snob, etc), or think Iím making a ton of money (also not true). I donít understand the reactions. My current BMW cost less than a new pickup truck. I take driving very seriously and I hate seeing people who donít (cell phone in the ear, reading a book, putting on make-up, etc). My biggest flaw is a massive lack of patience while driving. I donít like myself when I get impatient. Itís like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing. I can step outside myself, look back, and think, ďWhat a jerk.Ē Then I resolve to change my behavior; an oath that lasts until the next left-lane slow poke comes along. Alas, I am what I am.