Ok, so I’m a little late this week. We’ve been in NYC and I didn’t get around to posting Friday or Saturday. So here goes…

Red Sox – Finally playing up to expectations. They’re at the top of the AL East and if they keep playing this way, they’ll be well out in front by the All Star break.

CNN – Used to be the premier news organization in the world. Now they peddle celebrity gossip and misery voyeurism. Sad that they’ve lowered themselves so, all the more so because it seems that’s all people want these days.

Bruins – Heading to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in decades.

NYC – As I say every year, it’s a great place to visit for a few days. But after those few days, I usually can’t wait to get back home. I took loads of pics which I’ll post up soon.

Park Central Hotel – Between the faulty air conditioning and half the elevators being out of service, it was not the best stay we’ve had in NYC. The location was great, but the hotel itself is poorly run.