My name’s Mark and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to my car. I’ve owned many cars in my time, and some were really special. But I’ve always been able to consider getting rid of one car in favor of another. Not this time, though. I’m hooked and wouldn’t trade it for the world. My car went in the shop this past Thursday to have snow tires mounted and to check on a weird creaking noise from the rear suspension. $2000 later, I have it back. As it turned out, the creaking was from a worn rear ball joint. Both were replaced. Plus my brakes were completely shot all around and the right front caliper was frozen. So they installed new pads and rotors on all four corners and a rebuilt caliper on the right front. Add in an oil service and a door trim piece replacement and you have a bill totaling two large. Ouch.

But for two days I’ve been driving a new 330i sedan. The same bright red one I’ve written about before. It has some Gee-Whiz features and is very quick, but if the dealer (Isringhausen) offered it to me in direct trade for my 740iL, I’d tell them no. It just doesn’t have the soul, the personality, the comfort, the security, or the Gemütlichkeit of my 740. My car is like a well worn recliner or easy chair. It just fits me perfectly. I know exactly how it’s going to react in any situation. There are no surprises. This is not to say the car doesn’t thrill me, though. It brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. It has instant power on tap when I need it, it’s as stable and smooth as a 12 ton slab of marble even at high speeds, and it’s as comfortable as my living room. The phone works through the stereo system, so when I get a call, the stereo mutes and I carry on the conversation just as I would if the person with whom I’m speaking were sitting in the seat beside me. When the call is finished, the radio or CD resumes playing. It simply works.

I’ve driven this car out to New England twice and it’s been perfect both times. You can easily drive for 10 or 12 hours and not get sore. And on cold winter days, there’s nothing as nice as a heated steering wheel. The Directional Stability Control has been my guardian angel through many snowy commutes. This car just about has it all. One day, maybe after it’s paid off, I’ll swap out the current CD-based navigation system for the DVD-based system. And sooner or later, Verizon will call it quits on non-E911 phones, so I’ll be forced to install the Bluetooth upgrade to replace the current StarTac phone. So be it.

Sure, it’s an addiction, but I don’t see rehab in my future. 😉