I’ve never given any significance to the start of a new calendar year. To me, it’s just another day, another month. My birthday, which is fast approaching, holds more significance, especially as I approach the Big 50. It is then, more than any other time, that I tend to look at where I’ve been and what I’ve done and measure those *ahem* accomplishments against my ideas of where I should be at this stage in my life. I’ve done a lot of things in my time, traveled quite a bit, lived in Germany for a while, changed job fields several times, and known lots and lots of people, both good and not so good. I’m generally pretty happy with my life now, but there’s always a feeling in the back of my mind that I should be doing better. What exactly “better” is, I don’t know.

Twenty years ago computers meant nothing to me, now they’re a major part of my life and my career. Twenty years ago I bought a really nice pair of fur-lined leather gloves at the military clothing sales store in Frth, Germany. I still wear those gloves every winter. Some things change, some don’t. Twenty years ago I owned a problematic BMW (read:lemon) that I enjoyed driving too much to get rid of. Today I own a problematic BMW that I enjoy driving too much to get rid of. Some lessons are never learned. Twenty years ago I left Germany for the States to start working on my bachelor’s degree at U Mass. This month I start working on my Master’s degree at Eastern Illinois. Some lessons never end. Twenty years ago I had a lot less, um…girth. Today I have a lot less hair on my head.Ain’tlife grand?:roll: Twenty years ago my wife, Sarah, was focusing on her high school studies. Today she’s the focus of my life. Ain’t life grand? 🙂

But in the spirit of the day, I’ll go ahead and list, in no particular order,my hopes for the New Year.

1. I hope we manage to find a path to peace in the Middle East.

2. I hope a cure for cancer is found. I despise that disease.

3. I hope the Red Sox find their $103 million pitching investment was worth it.

4. I hope the Democrats in Congress do better than their predecessors.

5. I hope CNN returns to its roots and loses the Celebrity News Network theme.

6. I hope I still find reasons (and time)to post in this blog.

7. I hope Mel Gibson retires to the Outback.

8. I hope the Colts lose in the first round.

9. I hope to still be driving my car, as opposed to it driving me into bankruptcy.

10. I hope this blog post didn’t bore you to tears. 😉