Ups and Downs of the Week

St. Louis Cardinals – 2011 World Series Champs. Well done. They fought at every at bat and it paid off when their backs were against the wall. The entire World Series was great (except for the bozos at Faux Sports). I watched much of the games with the mute on.

Racing World Tragedies – Two top-tier professional racers lost this month. Dan Wheldon was killed in an IndyCar Race in Las Vegas and Marco Simoncelli from the MotoGP motorcycle series died in a crash in Sepang. Racing is immeasurably safer than it was just a couple of decades ago, and perhaps that makes losses like this all the more shocking.

Weather – Alright, it’s cold and you can feel winter coming. But this morning there was sunshine and a cold fog rising off the fields. Made for some nice pictures.

Front Nine

Cold Mist Rising