Trust – This afternoon on the way back from Indy we stopped at Grissom’s Lost Creek Orchard farm stand on Rt 130 just north of I-70. Grissom’s has a great selection of produce and, more importantly, an impressive variety of jams and jellies, many with no sugar added. It is the no-sugar-added types we were after. My folks love them and we prefer them as well. In the image below you can see them all on the shelves. Today we bought $38 worth only to find Grissom’s does not accept credit cards (although I was sure I’d used mine there in the past). We had very little cash on us and no checkbook, but the lady at the counter said, “No problem, you just mail me a check.” And just that easy we were on our way with our goods. Needless to say we’ll have a check in the mail ASAP. That kind of trust, coupled with the superb quality of their produce and jellies, is what keeps people coming back for more.


Vegetarian Chickens – Tonight we hit County Market to pick up a few essentials, including eggs. We notice a carton of a dozen eggs from “Vegetarian Chickens.”

Are there carnivorous chickens? Any chicken farmers out there care to elaborate?

Brouhahas – Chucktown is getting a Starbucks. I guess that means we’re finally on the map, eh? Lots of folks are up in arms about bringing a “big chain” coffee shop to town, although all the other big chain places don’t seem to cause a problem. McDonald’s is the most popular place in town.

Then there’s the infamous neon billboard in Champaign, which I still have yet to see. Oh the calamity! Champaign is beginning to look like downtown Tokyo! The distraction will cause accidents. If I see it tomorrow I’ll get a picture and post it here so you can judge for yourself. Maybe it is that bad.

Great starts – Clay Buchholz of the Boston Red Sox just pitched a no hitter in only his second major league game. Pretty damn impressive. 8)