Faux Sports is the worst sports network in the world. My nephew, a soldier just back from Iraq and a major Green Bay Packers fan, and I were sitting here enjoying the GB/Minn game when some idiot at Faux Sports (who decided that he/she knew better than all the folks who tuned in to watch the Packers) switched the coverage to the Philly/Wash game. This strikes me as the ultimate act of arrogance and disrespect. We tuned in to watch the Packers (and the Vikings fans no doubt tuned in to watch the Vikings). If we had wanted to watch Philly, we wouldn’t have been tuned in to the Packers game. What makes Faux Sports believe they have the right to deny the Packers and Vikings fans their enjoyment? What right do they have on this Veterans Day to deny a 3 combat tour veteran the enjoyment of watching his Packers win? How dare they disrespect the wishes of their viewers and decide what’s best for them. Shame on them.