I finally got around to reading it. My wife’s library got a bunch of the paperbacks in, so she grabbed one for me. Pretty good yarn, although I wasn’t thrilled with Brown’s writing style. Too many of his very short chapters ended in a mini-cliffhanger. That got old. And his name dropping of Zimmerman and Schneier as crytpographers of historical note was a bit far-fetched and may even have been an inside joke. But it is his book and he can do want he wants.

All in all I’d say it was a good story, but seeing as the book is a work of fiction and was meant to be so, I don’t understand all the hubbub surrounding it. The world didn’t end and the Catholic Church is doing a fine job of destroying its own reputation with no help at all from this book. At least part of the success of this book is owed to the attempt at negative publicity by people who should have had much bigger things to worry about.