Ups and downs of the week.

 Red Sox – Swept TB and took over first place again (for the time being).

 Red Sox – They can sweep the best team in the AL East and get clobbered by the worst team in baseball (again). Seattle comes to Fenway, where the Sox almost never lose, having lost four in a row and with only one win in their last 14 road games. Yet they make the Sox look bad. Colon didn’t help with his first inning carelessness. I’ll never understand how a guy who can put a fastball within inches of where he wants it can’t throw a ball within yards of a base.

 Manny Ramirez – Gets #500. And another thumbs up to the fan who caught the ball and gave it back to Manny so it could be auctioned for charity. Classy move, Mr. Damon Woo. You’re ok.  

  Pitchers intentionally hitting batters. – This needs to stop. Should be an automatic 5 *start* suspension.

 Celtics – One game down. Three more wins to go. Beat LA!!

  Speculators – Greedy bastards. The idiots in Congress need to come up with some decent regulations. That’ll never happen, though.

 Summer class is done. – Tough course. Glad it’s over. Now I get to spend my free time doing stuff I want to do.