Ups and Downs of the week.

 Silly CNN Headlines – I’d like to think someone at CNN has a sense of humor, but I tend to believe they missed this one entirely. Still, The Onion must be jealous.

Who needs a lax security chief?

Meh  Red Sox – Playing better some days and not so much on others. They’ll most likely stumble and stagger into the post season. All bets are off then.

  Formula One shenanigans – Did Renault really fix a race by ordering Nelson Piquet, Jr. to crash? If so, it’s a very dark day for F1. Even worse than the McLaren cheating scandal. Shame on Renault if it’s true and major shame on Piquet if this is just a case of being a disgruntled former employee.

 Giancarlo Fisichella – The Italian finally gets his wish, to drive for Ferrari. And at Monza, no less. Best of luck to him. He’s got every Tifosi in the world on his side.