Ups and Downs of the Week

Patriots – Another embarrassing Super Bowl loss at the hands of Eli Manning and the Giants.

Signs of Life – Formula One testing has started and tomorrow is Red Sox Truck Day, so spring is not that far off.

Winter Doldrums – It’s turned cold and with no snow, there’s nothing but brown to photograph. Not much to do other than stay inside and wait for warmer weather.

Airlines – Despite new rules which are suppose to show you your total cost up front, some airlines (ahem, American) are still hitting you with last second fees when you book a flight. They tell you the cost of your trip, but then you have to choose a seat. Want to sit in a window or aisle seat? That’ll be another $20 each way. Want to sit next to your wife? That means one of you has to buy one of the aforementioned aisle or window seats. What a crock. When will these morons get the message that people would rather see one ticket price that includes everything rather than playing this stupid game of paying for each little thing which should be included in the ticket price?