This week I traded 35mm lenses with a super-talented photographer and filmmaker named Mark Linsangan. I sent Mark my Canon 35mm f2 auto-focus lens and he sent me his Rokinon 35mm f1.4 manual focus lens. I hope he is as happy with his new lens as I am with mine. You can check out some of Mark’s photos here and his videos here. Thanks, Mark!

UPDATE: He’s taking great shots with it already.

I had some fun today with the lens. This shot was in a field of mustard (I believe) that was so yellow in the bright sun that it was blinding.

Fields of Gold

And an early rising moon.

Spring Moon

I also stopped by my project cornfield. More on that later. But here’s a rat’s eye view of the corn also shot with the Roki 35. It’s beginning to look like a corn stalk.

Corn Begins