Ups and downs of the week.

Meh Red Sox – As a long suffering Red Sox fan, I’m used to the roller coaster ride by now. I just hope interleague play goes as well for them this year as it did last year. They need the wins.

 Mannys’ High Five catch – Simply amazing. This guy loves to play baseball and have fun.

 Sen. Arlen Specter – What a waste of Congressional time. Hopefully the good people of PA will now smarten up and vote to this jackass out of office.

 Jayson Werth – Three home runs; a 3-run blast, a grand slam, and a solo shot. By himself he decimated the hapless Blue Jays. Amazing.

 Celtics – Yet another road loss. They dominated the whole season and now they can’t win on the road to save their lives. They came close tonight, but another lackluster quarter (the 2nd) put them in a hole they couldn’t climb out of.