Like many Americans, we decided to stay close to home this weekend. We’ve been meaning to get back down to the Moonshine Store, as we haven’t been there since last Spring. It was just as packed this year. Still, the burgers were good and the atmosphere was as cool as always. As you can see below, it’s located right at the intersection of 600St and 300Rd in Martinsville, IL.

The Moonshine Store The Moonshine Store Location Good crowd Unique Light Tables Think it works? How to get here. Any way you can. Mustard fields.

On the way back home, we stopped in at the Lincoln Log Cabin site. We’ve been here many times, but it’s was a great day for a walk and this site has an easy and picturesque trail. As you can see, it was shearing day. The sheep didn’t appear to be too excited about it, though.  🙂

Visitor center. Sargent farm. Sargent farm.
Sargent farm. Interesting fence. Lincoln cabin. Lincoln cabin. Lincoln cabin. Lincoln cabin. Shearing time. Shearing time. Not happy about it.