Ups and Downs of the week.

 Netflix – Great service. Can’t believe I’m just catching on now.

 Red Sox – They trade Mike Lowell for a second (or third) rate catcher and $3million in savings? I don’t get it.

 Christkindlesmart – It’s on again. The live cam isn’t as user friendly, but it works.

  Illinois State Legislature – The chickenshit morons failed to pass a relatively minor tax hike, so now they aren’t paying the bills. Accordingly, state employees may be forced to take furlough days as early as January. I can handle the days off without pay, but many folks making less will really take a beating. How much sense does it take to realize that the state is about to go under and something needs to be done?

New Kitties – They all checked out fine at the vet today. Looks like we’ll be keeping them. Now we need to come up with names.

Little Gray

Little Yellow