I’ve been a Red Sox fan since the days of Carl Yastrzemski. When I was a kid playing ball, like all kids of those days, I held my bat way high over my head like Yaz did. I had a number 8 shirt, too. Then in 1975 there was the awesome Carlton Fisk walk-off homer in Game 6 to tie the series against the Reds. I was watching that one with my folks and we all went nuts when it cleared the foul pole. No miracles the next night, though. I was listening on Armed Forces radio in Germany in ’86, ready to celebrate a long awaited World Series victory when the ball went through…well, you know. And I was almost in tears just like every other Sox fan when the ’04 Idiots finally pulled it out against the Yankmees and then walked past the Cards. But tonight against the NY Mets, I saw a team that had it all working at the basics level. They hit big; they hit small. The got the typical clutch homer from Ortiz and they manufactured runs when they needed to. Schilling was strong and Timlin/Papelbon were stingy as ever. But the sense that this is going to be a World Series year for the Sox came with this incredible catch by Coco Crisp. Un-be-lievable.

Sweet catch.

This is a mature team with all the heart and soul they need to make a run for the pennant. They have it all this year and they put on a master class tonight.