Ups and Downs of the week.

New Shoes – Finally dumped the run-flats in favor of real tires on the Z4. What an amazing difference. It feels like a totally different car. Smoother, quieter, and it handles much better. Why BMW ever switched to using run-flats is beyond me. Worst tires ever made.

Texas Rangers – How do you blow a 5-0 8th inning lead and not be the Red Sox? They’ve really set themselves back now. It’ll be a miracle if they take this series.

More Photoshop fun – My Z4 doesn’t get to travel much, at least not in the real world. But it gets around in Photoshop.

Z4 at Home in the Cornfields

Z4 by Cadillac Lake, MI

'With a Blimp

Z4 in San Juan Capistrano

Z4 in Grotto Bay, Bermuda

Z4 in Chicago

Z4 in Florida

Z4 in Central Park

Z4 by Navy Pier, Chicago

Z4 in Germany