We’re getting ready to make our annual summer pilgrimage to New England. Just four days, this time around. Still, it’s the last full week before school starts and only one week after the latest threat to the airlines by the bottom feeders claiming to be God’s warriors. Today I worked overtime trying to catch up and the hurrieder I went the behinder I got. Vacation isn’t really getting away from work, it’s just doing it ahead of time and/or postponing it till later. It just piles up on either end of your time off. In the end, you don’t do less work, you do the same amount of work in fewer, albeit longer, days. On top of work stress comes a worry about what to pack and whether or not to risk taking a laptop. I read today that British Airways is trying to reacquaint 5,000 passengers with their baggage and is looking for 5,000 more bags lost in the mayhem of last week. I wonder how many laptops were lost/stolen/trashed.

On a completely unrelated but equally distressing note, the Red Sox slid further into loserdom tonight. I shouldn’t have expected more, though. If they get swept by the worst team in the league, it only makes sense that they’d get swept by the best team. Still, it’s depressing to watch such a high caliber team give up on themselves. I signed up for MLB.com’s live service just as this losing trend began. And that, my friends, is why I don’t gamble or dabble in the stock market.