We stopped for dinner at the Beef House in Covington, IN on the way home from Indy tonight. Serious steaks here, but the atmosphere of a small town diner. Mostly older folks, although there were, unfortunately, lots of children crying and whining. Sarah got the petit filet and I got the regular one. The difference was maybe 2 ounces, if that. Not worth it for $5 extra. She ordered hers medium and I ordered medium rare. Hers came medium rare and mine was 3 seconds per side shy of raw. Plus it was sliced in half when I got it. I showed it to the waitress and told her I ordered medium rare. She took a quick look and said, “That’s not medium rare” and took it back. So I sat there while Sarah ate (at my behest so hers wouldn’t get cold). When mine finally came out it was better, but having been cut several times and recooked, it just wasn’t right. It says “Voted Indiana’s Best Steakhouse” on the website. What a laugh. Indianapolis has some very high-end steakhouses, any one of which would put this place to shame.On the way out I was amused by a very nice ’72 Cutlass Supreme in the parking lot with super chromed 22′ wheels. It looked like a clown mobile. I was dying for a camera.