Ups and Downs of the Week

Sarah’s Birthday – We both took the day off and had a nice dinner out tonight. Good times.

Illinois State Legislature – Instead of doing things to save this state from bankruptcy, they waste time coming up with ridiculous bills like the one limiting a household to six “companion” animals. How the hell do they expect to even begin enforcing that? And why are they wasting the time and resources needed to introduce such stupidity?

Patriots – Barely squeaked a win against the Cowboys, who should have been pushovers. Still, a win is a win.

Red Sox – The finger pointing continues. Epstein is gone (at least I think he is). But that is most likely a good thing.

Karma – Khadafy, like Saddam Hussein, was found hiding like a rat in a sewer pipe. Shame he didn’t get to stand trial and meet his much deserved fate at the hands of the people he brutalized. He got off easy.