As most folks are aware, the northern tier of the US is undergoing quite the winter storm. I opted to stay home today as we got mostly ice over night and it was prety slick this morning. The promise of another half foot of snow to deal with on my 50 mile commute was just more than I cared to deal with today. So instead, I stayed home and shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled. Considering the nightmare the folks in upstate NY are going through, I don’t want to whine too much. But for someone who hasn’t done any serious shoveling for a few years, this was bad enough. My back is toast. And it’s still snowing. After I’d finished shoveling, there was already an inch on the driveway. The University of Illinois has already cancelled classes for tomorrow, so I’ll be home shoveling some more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Left view out my garage.

Straight out.

Right view out my garage.

Look out Boston. This is coming your way. 😯