Ups and Downs of the Week

Weather – Continued clear skies have given us some great sunsets, as can be seen in this week’s pics.

Patriots – Are we seeing the real team now? The defense is useless and the offense has little time on the field. Not a good sign.

NFL – Talk about a ridiculous system of fines and penalties. This is from The Boston Globe:

Pittsburgh S Troy Polamalu – who tackled Wes Welker to the ground by his head and twisted his helmet nearly 90 degrees and injured Welker’s neck to the point where he missed one day of practice this week and was limited for the other two – was not fined.Nor was Polamalu flagged on the play during the game.

Yet two weeks ago the NFL fined Polamalu $10,000 for calling his wife from the sidelines to inform her that he was okay after suffering a concussion during a game.