Ups and Downs of the week.

  Buffalo plane crash – What a tragedy.

Meh   Stimulus package – Here we go. Some of the Republican-backed changes look sensible, but who knows. It could all backfire.

 Warmer weather – I was in Chicago Tuesday and it was 63 degrees. Nasty ride on the way home, though. Major rain and wind bad enough to overturn trucks.

  Winter is still here. – Possibly and inch or two of snow this weekend.

 Dad – Eating full meals now. Stronger every day.

  Outrageous pricing – Hotels and airlines have been overcharging businesses for so long that it’s become natural. Is a first class seat on an airliner really worth 8 or 10 times a coach fare? Is it really necessary for hotels to charge $10 for a glass of wine from a bottle you could buy for half that? Are bagels in hotels really worth $6? Coffee and a bagel for $10 at a hotel or $4 at the Starbucks across the street. I foresee businesses cutting down on travel expenses and eliminating or curtailing expense accounts. What will the hotels and airlines do then?