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Back to the hot weather, although not into triple digits thankfully. Still, warm enough for a late afternoon dip in the bin.


Doing my part to keep the critters cool.


These two baby raccoons hang out on a branch just across the yard from our living room window.


Maggie in her usual spot.


The neighbors across the street have a rat terrier named Sparky. They should have called him Mighty Dawg. He’s fearless when it comes to raccoons (but scared of the cats). Tonight he came charging over and waded into a pack of raccoons who were foraging out back. I thought they would eat him, but they all ran up trees. Here’s Mama and one of her young ones waiting for the ruckus to subside.


Sleepy Raccoon

Ups and Downs of the Week.

Red Sox – They won tonight, but lost last night. Just like a .500 team will do.

Funky Reggae Pah-tay – We had a few visitors tonight. Love this Rokinon 35mm f1.4 lens.

Funky Reggae Pah-tay

This guy has been hanging around in the trees out back. He could be here to pick the carcass of the Red Sox season, but he’ll have to wait. They are still showing signs of life. Amazing.

Turkey Buzzard

Turkey Buzzard

Every year about this time there is a day when I look out at the woods behind the house and think, “Wow, that’s really green.” It’s usually right after a rainy spell like we’ve been having the past few days. Well today was the day. All the leaves are out in their full glory. The green is overwhelming.


Just some shots from a Saturday afternoon.

4 Cats





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