September 2008

Ups and downs of the week. 

  Formula One – Racing under the lights in Singapore. Very cool. 

   Gas shortages – This could get much worse.

  Red Sox – Well, they threw in the towel on the AL East title, but they’re still in the playoffs.

Meh    Debate – Not much substance, but Obama showed he can run with the big dogs.

  Coffee – Nothing better in the morning.

   Cancer – It took Paul Newman today. We need to find a cure.

  O’zapft ist!- The annual rite of Oktoberfest starts in Germany this weekend. What I wouldn’t give to be there. Webcam here.

  Stock market – I hate having my retirement future subjected to the whims of the greedy slime that run amok in the NYSE.

  Red Sox – They’ll make it to the post-season, but will they get past the Angels or the Rays?

  Politics – I’m getting so sick of it.

  Fall weather – Cool at night, warm during the day. I love it.

Ups and downs of the week.

 Red Sox - Still looking pretty good, although two tough losses to the Rays have us still 2 games back. 

  Hurricane Ike - This one is going to wreak havok on Galveston and then come up and smack us.



 Modern medicine – It really is miraculous how the doctors can spot developing problems and solve them before they become life threatening. 

  Cancer – It’s wrought havoc on my family in the past and has struck again. Luckily, modern medicine will most likely make this a mere inconvenience. See above.

  Formula One – Tight race this year. Best season in a long time.

This looks as bad as it is. Torn ACL. Season over for Brady and, effectively, the Patriots. 🙁


Ups and downs of the week.

 Shula’s Steakhouse – Sent my sister and her husband there for an anniversary meal and they were treated like royalty. Glad good service is still in style. 

  Hurricane season – Looks like a bad one this year. 

 Red Sox – Playing better all the time. And now they have several veterans back in the lineup. Lowell was awesome tonight in his first game back, as was Beckett.

  Presidential race – When will they focus on the ISSUES???

  Mark Kotsay – Another valuable addition to the Red Sox. Welcome to Boston, Mark. 

  Kitties – Does it get any cuter than this?

Special Fedex delivery.