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Sarah received her Louis Shores award from the American Library Association and RUSA tonight.

2012 Louis Shores Award

Ups and Downs of the Week

Mom – Mom’s birthday was Wednesday. She’s doing quite well. We had a good time last weekend while I was there. I need to do that more often. Love you, Mom.

New Tripod – The new tripod worked like a charm on my trip to MA last week. So easy to set up and use. Should have bought one ages ago.

Red Sox – I didn’t expect a great season, but this is pathetic.

Ups and Downs of the Week

Friends – My best friend Dana turned 60 today, which is one reason why I’m out in MA for the weekend. Dana and I have known each other for 30 years. Looking forward to the party later. Happy Birthday, pal.

Mom – Mom turns 81 later this week. That’s the second reason I’m out in MA. I can’t be here for her birthday, but we can celebrate early with some dinners out. Love you, Mom.

Red Sox – They’re looking a bit better at home than they did on the road.

First Class – I got a chance for a cheap(ish) upgrade on my flight from Chicago to Boston yesterday and flew out First Class. If I could do that all the time, I’d enjoy traveling much more. Very comfy.

Seafood – Mom and I went out for seafood last night. I had a humongous (too big, really) fisherman’s platter with clams, scallops, and haddock. Delicious. I miss good seafood.

Ups and Downs of the Week

Sarah – Kudos to Sarah who is this year’s winner of the Louis Shores award for book reviewing.

Maxie – Our rotund diabetic cat has lost some weight and with careful diet control may be able to get by without the insulin shots.

 Francesco Schettino – See Also: Fool, Coward, Jackass

Ups and Downs of the Week

Yo, Adrian! – Adrian Beltre signed a 6-year, $96 million deal with the Texas Rangers this week. While I think the Rangers are auf dem Holzweg, I don’t begrudge Adrian his windfall. He should kiss his agent, though. In other good baseball news, Sox-killer Matt Garza has signed with the Cubbies, which means the Sox won’t be seeing much of him this coming year.

Time – Another year gone by. Tomorrow I hit 52. Time is sliding by faster and faster every year. Scary sometimes. On the other hand, I still feel young mentally, like I really haven’t hit my stride yet. Sometimes the physical aches and pains remind me that the freight train of antiquity is pulling into the station, but my general outlook is that I have a long way to go. My psyche is feeling like my body is committing treason. Strange.

iPhone/Verizon – Supposedly the iPhone is coming to Verizon in February. *If* it’s not too pricey and *if* the data plan is reasonable, it may be time to upgrade my trusty old RAZR. I really like my iPod touch, and having the phone and iPod combined in the iPhone would be a nice move. But I’m leery of Verizon’s penchant for gouging customers for their data plans with high demand equipment.

Chuck and Lauren – My nephew got married to a (by all accounts) very special girl. ‘Bout time! I look forward to meeting her. Welcome to the family, Lauren.

Ups and Downs of 2010

Family – Although we’ve been through some illnesses and injuries, we’re all still healthy and doing ok. There’s a lot to be said for that. Our own family here has grown with the addition of some new cats and kittens. They’re a lot of work, but they’re worth it.

Economy – Despite some positive (and I use that term lightly) indicators, the economy is still in the dumpster and shows few signs of recovering soon. I’m halfway through the third year of a pay freeze, although I am very glad I still have a job. The oil companies and speculators are in the act of committing wholesale robbery again, but the rest of us won’t be seeing an increase in income in the near future.

Red Sox – Another roller coaster season. They did very well considering injuries and such, but they faded badly at the end, mostly due to really poor pitching performances. On the bright side, they’ve picked up Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Bobby Jenks, so 2011 is looking pretty sweet right now. Can’t wait for April.

Patriots – Talk about a surprising season. Most folks had predicted they’d be lucky to have a winning season. Instead they’re leading the NFL. Amazing coaching by Belichick and another banner year for Brady have lifted them to home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Amazing.

Miracles – Or maybe just really good planning. Either way, it was the year’s bright spot to see the Chilean miners make it out of that hell hole alive.

Airline Travel – It gets worse and worse. Between the nightmare of getting through TSA’s gauntlet and the continued mismanagement of the airlines themselves, there is no shortage of really pissed off fliers out there.

Technology – Some really cool stuff appeared on the scene this year. Apple and Android led the way with a quantum leap in mobile computing. My personal tech inventory got a boost this year from a very nice 42″ HDTV and new Canon T1i DSLR. Plus I saw most Red Sox games on the new HDTV thanks to my Roku box (although a mini-thumbs down to MLB.TV’s poor service, which almost made the whole deal worthless).

Education – Mine is done. At least the formal part of it. I completed my degree program and was awarded my Master of Science degree on Dec. 20th. So glad that’s behind me.

Ups and Downs of the week.

Sarah – Her review of Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants is in today’s The Globe and Mail, which is the largest newspaper in Canada.

Formula One in HD – Very nice indeed. Except for the graphics which are still placed on the screen so non-HD viewers can see them. For someone with a 16:9 HD screen, the graphics are near the center and in the way.

Texas Rangers – Held the Tampa Bay Rays to just one run in two games in their own stadium. I love it. I hope they sweep and win the series at home. Go Rangers!!

Ups and Downs of the week.

 Red Sox -Picked up some nice talent this week. Hope Mr. Lackey proves to be worth the high price they paid.

 Weather – Looks like crappy traveling weather before the holidays.

 Rescued cats – Between my wife and two of her co-workers, five cats found homes this week. 

 Tiger Woods coverage – Enough already. Let them work this out in peace. I fail to understand why people find joy in the misery of celebs.

 Photoshop - Fun to play with.

Little bit of color

Ups and Downs of the Week.

 Hopscotch – One of my favorite movies. Even more so now that I’ve been to Salzburg and recognize the scenery.

 Weather – After a week of rain, a bit of sun. Not looking forward to winter.

 Chuck’s home – My nephew is safely back from Iraq. His fourth combat tour.

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