April 2009

What a turn of events. Good to be back at Fenway, too.


UPDATE: Now 11 straight wins. Close tonight with Paps giving up a run and letting the winning run get to the plate. Still, a win is a win.

Ups and Downs of the week.

 Red Sox – They’ve come back from the basement and are looking like their old selves. Even got a walkoff win tonight thanks to Youk (who else?). UPDATE: They swept the Yankmees and are now 10-0. On to Cleveland and the hapless Indians. 🙂

 Bruins – They’ve swept away the lowly Habs.

 Celtics – After a couple of close games, they kicked Bullbutt in Chicago.

 Weather – Awesome today. My hour-long commute is actually very enjoyable lately with the Z4.

 Dad – Home in May is the goal.

 Note that this was a very good week. First in a long, long time. 🙂

Ups and Downs of the week.

 FIA - The governing body of Formula One finally makes a good decision and lets the results of the season so far stand as they are and allows the diffuser design used by three of the teams. In years past they would have caved in to pressure from Ferrari and the other teams. 

Meh  Red Sox – Their bullpen is looking great and the offense is showing some signs of life, but they’re still in the basement and unable to get clutch hits. UPDATE: They’ve won 4 in a row now and are back at .500. Tampa Bay is in the basement and the Sox are moving up. What a difference a couple of days can make.

 Weather – Mid-70s today. Finally got to drive all the way home with the top down. Spring is here at last.

  Run-flat tires – Good in theory, lousy in practice.

 Dad – Still making progress.

Ups and Downs of the week.

 MLB.com – Despite technical difficulties on Opening Day (inexcusable), the picture quality this year is awesome, although the delay of nearly a minute makes it difficult to read posts on Sawxheads.com without reading spoilers. And the Nexdef app really ramps up the CPU usage. 

  Red Sox – Not a promising start to the season.

  Weather – Supposed to be cracking into the 60’s this coming week.

  Weather- It was in the 40’s today. It’s April, for Pete’s sake!!!!

 Dad – The man is a born fighter. So hard to gain that last bit of confidence and strength, though. Still, he’s toughing it out and will prevail, I’m sure. 

 Ramsau – I know I post about this a lot, but this has to be one of the most awe-inspiring webcams on the internet.


Seems to happen every year in April. Just one more blast of snow. Luckily this one only messed up the squirrels’ commute.

Spring snow.

Spring snow.

Ups and Downs of the week.

 Rod Blagojevich: Superstar – We went to see this tonight. Pretty funny, although not as hilarious as we’d heard. The improv skits which made up the second half of the show were better.

  Winter is back II - Again, more snow and nastiness in the forecast.


 MLB’s Opening Week – Maybe spring really is here. Sox start on Monday just where they left off, against Tampa Bay.

  Yet Another Nutcase With a Gun – This time in sleepy Binghamton, NY. Seems 2009 is going to be remembered for these shootings.

 Dad – Continuing to improve. Just a few more hurdles to clear and he’ll be home at last.

  McLaren – They still can’t spell integrity. Caught lying about what they said on the radio to their driver, despite the fact they knew the whole conversation was recorded.  Dumb and shameful.