October 2012

More fun with the sun today.

Sun Burst

Sunset Trees

Hey baby, the skys on fire.

We were very much unaffected by the nastiness that the storm named Sandy laid on the northeast. We got some wind today and some clouds last night and today. But those clouds were loaded with cold air and ice crystals and they made for some interesting skies.

Last night’s full moon was muted by the high cloud layer, but the clouds produced a nice effect.

Moon Ring

Today the ice crystals produced a couple of sun dogs.

Sun Dogs

And a spectacular sunset.



Last Light on the Farm

Last Light

Ups and Downs of the Week

Detroit Tigers – Swept the Yankees from the ALCS. Now they need to do the same in the World Series.

  Weather – The weather has been crappy since we got back from vacation. Usually this time of year we have sunny days in the 70’s and I’m driving the Z4 daily. It hasn’t budged from the garage since we left for the UK over a month ago.

Ups and Downs of the Week

MLB Playoffs – All four series went to 5 games and all were well played.

  Fox Sports – Fox Sports channel Speed TV lost their Formula One coverage contract. They tried to lowball Formula One Management (FOM) and FOM went with another broadcaster (supposedly NBC). Fox Sports is changing their scope to include more baseball (which they’ll ruin as well) and wanted F1 gone, I guess. I sure hope NBC shows the races and qualifying live.

Ups and Downs of the Week

Home Again – We had a great trip to the UK, but after nearly two weeks away, it’s good to be home.

  Head Colds – Sarah and I both picked up colds heading home from the UK. Ugh.

  Red Sox – This pathetic season is finally over. What a waste of money this team has proven to be.