October 2007

Looks like another “next year” for the Cubbies. What a shame. They just seemed to run out of gas. 🙁

I now officially do not care who wins the NL pennant.

Ups and downs of the week.

Red Sox – Manny can keep on being Manny.

  Back aches – ’nuff said.

 TBS – So far, so good with MLB coverage. Much better than Fox. 

  Cubs – Not looking too good.

  Indians – Finally beat the Yankmees. I think the Bronx Bozos just wanted to get away from the flies.

  Weather – Enough with the heat already.

Despite my pessimism, the Red Sox not only took their division, they ended up with the best record in baseball. Now let’s hope they can do something with the home field advantage they’ve earned.

The Fighting Illini football team is doing amazingly well. Hats off to Ron Zook. Keep it up.

Gas prices never got near the prophesied $4/gal. Not that I’m complaining. Airline ticket prices are way up though. Our tickets to Orlando for Christmas are twice what they were two years ago when we went.

Da Bears on the other hand are looking like a team adrift. The defense still seems to have it, but the offense is AWOL.

Randy Moss is looking like a hungry rookie with the calm discipline of a veteran. He and Brady could be a tough combo to beat this year. I’m still disappointed with Belichick, though.

Coles-Moultrie electric offers one free 50-gallon water heater to each household they serve. Perfect timing for us as one of ours died. Now if I could just get a plumber to install it.

Seafood in Champaign. Who’d a thunk it? I’ve had two excellent seafood meals in two weeks here in the middle of corn country. 

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